Linda Yurasevecz

Phone: 860-653-3601


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OS NEWS: I've been making pottery for about 15 years. I started because my daughter wanted me to take a class with her. Well - I fell in love with clay.

In addition to making functional stoneware pieces, I've tried other firing techniques. I especially like making Raku fired pots. With each piece, I try to create a design and a glaze combination that will bring out the best in that shape. The firing process involves moving a red hot piece from the kiln to a trash can containing combustibles. There is a burst of flame, the cover goes on the the can and the oxidation causes (hopefully) beautiful flashes of color. In about ten minutes you can remove the cover and take out a work of art. In most cases, it's instant gratification.

OS Location: Cherichetti Studio, 31 Barndoor Hills Road